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GE, Ericsson, M/A-COM, Harris, 2 Way Radio Batteries




300 Cougar 6000P P5400
300P Eclipse 5000 P5450
400 Eclipse 5010 P5470
400P Eclipse 5015 P5500
405P Eclipse 5018 P5550
600P Eclipse 5020 P5500
605P Eclipse 5030 P5570
625P Eclipse5040 P7100
700P/PI EDACS300P P7130
710P EDACS Monogram MGPA-7F P7150
19A13172P1 Excel P7170
19A149838/P1 GE P7200
19A704850P7 GE ERICSSON PCS   P7230
19A704860P1 HAPA7Y P7250
19A704860P3 Hawkeye Short P7270
19A704860P7 HDP100 P7300
19A705293P1 HDP150 P7350
19A705293P2 HP/LPE-200 P7370
19D429763G1 HTPA7W Panther 300P
19D429763G3 J700P Panther 400P
19D429777G3 Jaguar 700P Panther 405P
19D900639G1 Jaguar J700P/Pi Panther 500/P
19D900639G2 Jaguar SPD 2000 Panther 600P
344A3278P1 KPC-300 Panther 605P
344A3487P1 KPC-400 Panther 625P
344A4209P2 KPC (Prism) Paxte2
344A4561P KPP-A7L PB200
349A9730P22 KRD 103 111/ PC200
14035-4010-04 LPE series PCS series
A32 LPE200 PE series
BKB192 Macom PK29GT
BKB193 Mag One Premium PKPA1W
BKB210 Momentum HDP100 PKPAIX
BKB1210 Momentum HDP150 PL19D413522G1
BKB191202/R1B Momentum HDP250 PL19D413522G4
BKB191203/R1 Monogram MGP300LB PL19D900639G1
BKB191204/1 MPA PL19D900639G2
BKB191205/1 MPD PL19D900639G3
BKB191205/3 MPE PLS
BKB191206/1 MPI 2 watt Porta Mobile II
BKB191206/3 MPI 4 watt PRC-152
BKB191208/1 MPR Prism
BKB191208/7 MPS PT1300
BKB191210/3 MPX PY
BKB191210/4 MRK SA-1155
BKB191210-Li MRK 1 SA-1160
BKB191212 /1 MRK 2 SA-1170
BKB191212 /2 MRK 3 SA-1255
BKB191213 na MRKPKPA1X SA-1270
BKB1912002 MTL SPD2000
BKB1912003 MVP T5470
BKB1912122 NPC 50 TLX
BL2006 NPC 200 TOPB100
BL2503 Orca TOPB100H
BT-010942-001B Orca Elan TOPB200
BT-023406-001 P3 TOPB202
BT-023406-003 /B P7 TOPB300
BT-023406-005 P20 TOPB500
BT-023406-006 P40 TPX
BU2104 P300 Unity XG100P
Comnet P400 XG-15P
Cougar P500 XG-25P
Cougar 400P P5100 XG-75P
Cougar 405P P5130 XL-185P
Cougar 500P P5150 XL-185Pi
Cougar 600P P5200 XL-200P
Cougar 605P P5300 XL-200Pi
Cougar 625P P5350 XL-PA3V
. P5370 .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.
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