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GE Camcorder Batteries

2-9809 9-9711 CG-733 1CVK040
2020 9-9712 CG-800 1CVM5080E n/a
2021 9-9714 CG-805 1CVM6060E
2021X 9-9715 CG-812 1CVP28
2120 9-9719 CG-814 1CVP5022
3020 9-9805 CG-815 1CVP5022X
4020 9-9806 CG-816 1CVP5026
4022 9-9807 CG-817 1CVM5080M n/a
4024 9-9808 CG-818A 1CVD3020DX
4024 9-9809 CG-819 1CVD4020X
5022 9-9810 CG-820 1CVD4021
5024 9-9815 CG-881 1CVD5021
5025 9-9712 CG-883 1CVD5021X
5026 CC-400 CG-895 1CVD5022/X
5027 CC-9906 CG-911 1CVD5023
5028 CC-9910 CG-9805 1CVD5024
5028B CC-9911 CG-9806 1CVD5025
5030 CG-400 CG-9807 1CVD5025B
5036 CG-501 CG-9808 1CVD5025X
5200 CG-504 CG-9809 1CVD5026
5424 CG-505 CG-9810 1CVD5027
5426 CG-506 CG-9815 1CVD5028
5428 CG-515 CG-9820 1CVD5028B
5430 CG-650 CG-9825 1CVK5040
5440 CG-670 CG-9902 ICVM6060E
5442 CG-671 CG-9906 1CVM8080
5458 CG-680 CG-9907 1CVP4020/X
5740 CG-681 CG-9908 1CVP4022
5747 CG-683 CG-9909 1CVP4024
6060 CG-684 CG-9910 1CVP5021
9605CAM CG-686 CG-9911 1CVP5022B
9606CAM CG-687 CG-9915 1CVP5022BX
9608CAM CG-690 CG-9920 1CVP5024
9-6905 CG-691 SE99712 1CVP5026X
9-9607 CG-695 1CVA100 1CVP5027
9-9608 CG-696 1CVA125 1CVP5028B
9-9609 CG-697 1CVA135 1CVP5030
9-9610 CG-698 1CVA145 1CVP6022
9-9612 CG-700 1CVA150 1CVP6024
9-9704 CG-701 1CVA155 1CVP6026
9-9705 CG-705 1CVA156 1CVP6028
9-9709 CG-706 1CVA157C 1CVP6030
9-9710 CG-710 1CVA158C V-9607
. CG-732 1CV5021 .

Camcorder battery models

125 1CVA135 AV608 BB060
145 1CVA145 AV622 BB120
150 1CVA150 AV625 BP96FL
155 1CVA155 AV626 BPV6G
156 1CVA156 AV650 CB060
1CVA45 1CVA157C AV800 CB096FL
1CVA50 1CVA158C AV8MM CB120
1CVA115 AV096 AV8MSH EP096FL
1CVA125 AV120 AVC8M EP096FS
1CVA130 n/a AV158C . GB090

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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