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Hands Free Cell Phone & GPS Mounting Kit

Hands free mount

Unobstusive very thin .34mm stainless steel plate attaches to your phone or GPS.
Powerful magnet allows for easy adjustment of display angle.
Swivels, tils & pivots on steel ball.
Steel ball can be mounted horizontally or vertically to any smooth service.
Magnetic attachement is safe for devices*

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ballmount Cell Phone & GPS hands-free Mounting Kit
(The advantage of this mount is that only a very thin non magnetic steel plate - the size of a postage stamp - is attached to your phone)

There is a $12 Cdn ($9.60US) shipping and handling charge.

*MAGNET WARNING - PLEASE READ This phone mount contains a strong magnet. The magnet will not damage devices with solid-state storage but may affect the use of electronic stylus accessories. Please check with your owner's manual or contact the manufacturer of your device to determine whether the use of a magnet will affect its operation. Do not use this magnet mount near pace-makers, credit cards, magnetic strip ID cards, cassette tapes, video tapes or similar items.

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