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JAY-tech Digital Camera Batteries & Chargers

AA Jay-Cam i400 Jay-Cam i4800 JayDiscovery Cam i300z
AAA Jay-Cam i405 Jay-Cam i5381 KLIC8000
Jay-Cam i1210 Jay-Cam i410 Jay-Cam i6550 NP-40
Jay-Cam i1330 Jay-Cam i500 Jay-Cam Z630 Pen Cam

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Voightlander digital camera model listed.

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