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Kyocera Qualcomm Cell Phone Batteries



5AATXBT052GEA DuraXV KX10 QCP-2255
5AAXBT076GEA DuraXV+ KX12 QCP-2325
5AAXBT048GEA Dynamite KX13 QCP-2345
5AAXBT053GEA E1100 KX16 QCP2700/A/F
5AAXBT082GEA E2000 KX18 QCP2760
413 E3100 KX21 QCP2780
414 E4210 KX160 QCP-3035/A
660 E4225 KX400 series QCP5100
820 E4233 KX413 QCP5135
860 E4255 KX414 QCP-6035
1100 E4277 KX424 QCP-7135
1135 E4281 KX433 Rave
1155 E4510 KX434 Remix Slider
1201 E4520 KX440 Rio E3100
1300 E4710 KX444 Rise
1304 E6560 KYC5170 Royale
1920 E6710 KZ690 S14
1960 E6762 KZ820 S1100
2027 E6782 KZ830 S1300
2035 Echo KZ850 S1301
2035A Energi Laylo M1400 S1310
2100 F520 LD-50 S2300 Torino
2119 GSP1600 LGC-330W S2400
2135 Hydro LGSP110 S2410
2235 Hydro Wave LGTP5250 S4000
2255 Jet Lingo SAAXBT048GEA
2325 K7 Loft SCP-39LBPS
2345 K9 Luno S2100 SCP-41LBPS
2700 K10 Royale M1000 SCP-43LBPS
2760 K127 M1400 SCP-46LBPS
2780 K132 M2000 SCP-48LBPS
3035 K310 M6000 SCP-49LBPS
3225 K312 M9300 SCP-51LBPS
3245 K320 Mako E1100 SCP-60LBPS
3250 K322 Mako S4000 SCP-63LBPS
4130 K323 MARBL SE44
5100 K325 Melo SE47
5135 K342 Milan Slider Remix
6035 K352 Milano Slider V5
7100 K404 Neo Soho
7135 K433 Oystr Strobe
Adreno S2400 K434 Opal Switchback
Angel K480 Phantom TNT
Aktiv K490 series Presto S1350 Tomo S2410
Blade K493 PS-F10 Torino
Brigadier K493LC Q2230 Torque
C5120 K494 2700/Flip Touchpoint (New)
C5155 K494LC Q Phone(CDMA) Touchpoint (Old)
C5170 K494NC Q860 TXBAT031
CDM500 K494XLC Q2035 TXBAT081
CDM600 K612 QCP800 TXBAT10003
CDM660 K612b QCP-820 TXBAT10009
CDM800 K4130 QCP860 TXBAT10039
CDM860 KE400 QCP-1100 TXBAT10050
CDM1960 KE413/c QCP-1135 TXBAT10107
CV90-58371-03 KE414/c QCP-1155 TXBAT10159
CV90-K3040-17 KE423 QCP1900 TXBAT10176
Cyclops KE424/C QCP1920 TXBAT10182
Domino KE433/C QCP1960 TXBAT10186
DuraCore KE434 QCP-2008 TXBAT10188
DuraForce KIOX2 QCP2027 V5 (Slider)
DuraMax Koi QCP2035 Velvet
DuraPlus KWC-2035A QCP2035A Wild Card
DuraXA KX1 QCP-2119 Xcursion
DuraXE KX2 QCP-2135 X-tc M2000
DuraXT KX5 QCP-2200 Zio M6000
DuraXTP KX9 QCP-2235 .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals. The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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