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Leica & Wild Survey Equipment Batteries


1200 RTK GS50+ TC1600
400 GX1200 TC1610
700 GX1230 TC1700
800 iCon Builder 62 TC2003
10686 ICR50 TCA800
1100 ICR60 TCA1100
402210 ICR70 TCA1102
439149 ICR80 TCA1700
522767 LB-4 Laser Alignment TCA1800
636850 MS60 TCM1000
667123 NA2002 TCM1100
667147 NA3000 TCP1203
724117 PC1103 TCR303
733269 Piper 100 TCR305
733270 Piper 200 TCR307
772806 R500 TCR400
793973 RCS1100 TCR402
793975 RV3010 TCR405
818916 RX900 TCR406
1100912 RX1200 TCR407
AT302 RX1250TC TCR702
ATB221 Smart Rover TCR703
ATC221 SR20 TCR705
ATX900 SR350 TCR800
ATX1200 SR500 TCR802
ATX1230 SR510 TCR803
ATX1230GG SR520 TCR805
CS10 SR530 TCR1102/C
CS15 SR9500 TCR1103
CS35 System 1200 TCR1105
DNA Digital Level System 1200 GPS TCR1205
DNA series T460D TCRA1100
DNA 03/10 T1000 TCRA1101
EDR11AA T1010 TCRA1102
Flexline T1610 TCRA1103
FZ-VZSU84U T3000 TCRA1105
FZ-VZSU88U T33270 TCRA1201
GEB70 TC303 TCRA1202
GEB71 na TC307 TCRA1203
GEB77 TC400 TCRA1205
GEB79 TC402 Theodolite
GEB87 TC403 TM30
GEB90 TC405 TM6100A
GEB111 TC406 Total Station
GEB121 TC407 Toughpad FZ-G1
GEB122 TC410C TPS100
GEB171 TC500 TPS300
GEB187 TC600 TPS400
GEB211 TC605 TPS700
GEB212 TC703 TPS800
GEB221 TC705 TPS1000
GEB235 TC800 TPS1100/C
GEB236 TC802 TPS1101
GEB241 TC803 TPS1200
GEB242 TC805 TPS2000
GEB371 TC805L Tracker TDRA6000
GKL122-3 TC900 TS02
GNSS receiver TC905 TS02 Plus R500
GPS500 TC1000 TS06
GPS550 TC1010 TS09
GPS900 TC1100 TS11
GPS1200 TC1102/C TS12
GRX1200 TC1103 TS15/i/p
GPS12301 TC1200 TS16
GPS Totalstation TC1201 TS30
GS5 TC1202 TS50
GS20 TC1203 TS60
GS50 TC1205 Viva GPS
. . Zeno 5

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.
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