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Nikon Survey Equipment Batteries

Nikon Trimble

108571-00 DTM-302 DTM-730 Nivo 5M
537-08 DTM-310 DTM-750 Nivo C Total Station
890-0084-XXQ DTM-322 DTM-800 Nivo M Total Station
890-0084-XXQ DTM-330 DTM-801 Nivo M
67201-01-SPN DTM-332 DTM-820 Nomad
993251-MY DTM-350 DTM-A series NPL-300
AA DTM-352 DTM-A10LG NPL-302
BC-3 DTM-360 EGL-Z1006 NPL-322
BC-4 DTM-400 NE-100 6 batts NPL-350 Total Station
BC-5 DTM-410 NE-101 NPL-352
BC-6 na DTM-450 NE-102 NPL-360
BC-50 DTM-452 NE-103 NPL-820
BC-60 DTM-500 Nivo NPL-821
BC-65 DTM-501 Nivo 1C NPR-300
BC-70 na DTM-502 Nivo 2C NPR-352
BC-80 DTM-521 Nivo 2M NPR-362
C100 DTM-600 Nivo 3C NPR-452
D50 DTM-700 Nivo 3M TDS67202
DTM-300 DTM-720 Nivo 5C XS

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are usually as good or better than the originals.
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