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Nobilis Laptop Batteries

6N34051 N251 NB9116
223ii N257SA NB9117
23-050240-00 na N258SA0 NB9118
23-050270-00 N259EI NB9126
245II0 N259SA0 NB9203
251C5 N259EN NB9205
255-3S4400-C1S1 not V300 N340S2 NB9206
255-3S4400-G1L1 N340S8 NB9207
255-3S4400-G1P1 N341C1 NB9208
255-3S4400-S1S1 N755 NB9209
256EI1 not V300 N1004 NB9204
258-4S4400-S2M1 N1015 NB9210
259EI1 255-3S4400-C1S1  not V300 N1016 NB9211
259ia N1017 NB9212
259IA3 N1018 NB9213
25pII N1019 X20-3S4400-S1P3 na NB9214
259II1 N1021 NB9215
259Ki N2002 NB9216
27100A24M N2003 NB9217
755CA5 N2004 NB9218
8222J N2006 NB9219
9000 N2007 NB9220
A2H N2009 NB9221
A2500H N2011 NB9222
ACY13 N2012 NB9223
AL-51 N3001 NB9224
APL11 N3002 NB9226
BATACY13L8 N3003 NB9228 na
BATBCL11 N3004 NB9231
BATCL50L N3005 NB9233
BATEL80L6 na not BATSQU511 N3006 NB9234 na
BP251S1 N3007 NB9237
BTY-M66 N3008 NB9304
CBP1L44 N3009 NB9306
CL10 N3010 NB9308
CL50 N3013 NB9309
CL51 N3014 NB9310
CL51A N3015 NB9311
CL56 N3016 NB9312
CY13 N3017 NB9313
CY25 N4001 NB9314
CY27 N4002 NB9316
CY30 N4003 NB9317
D14RA N4004 NB9318
D14RY N4007 NB9319
D15RS N4009 NB9320
DCY30 N4010 NB9321
DL70 N4011 NB9322
DL71 N4012 NB9324
DL75 N4013 NB9325
EA535 N4014 NB9326
EA536 N4015 NB9328
EFL30 N4016 NB9329
EL81 na not BATSQU511 N4017 NB9400
EM-520P4G N4018 NB9401
EM-G320L1 N4019 NB9402
FY30 N4020 NB9403
G372 N4021 NB9404
G551 N4022 NB9405
G731 N4023 NB9411
G733 N4025 not V300, BATL51 na NB9412
Green 320 N4026 NB9413
Green 731 N4027 NB9415
Green 732 N4028 NB9420
Green 733 N4030 NB9429
HEL80 N4031 na NB9430
HEL81 N4032 NB9434
L51 na N4034 NB9440
L51-3S4000-C1L1 na N4036 NB9432
L51-3S4000-C1S5 na N4038 NB9433
L51-3S4000-G1L1 na N4045 911500015 na NB9503
L51-3S4000-G1L3 na N5001 NB9504
L51-3S4000-S1S5 na N5003 NB9601
L55ii na N5004 NB9603
L51110 na N5005 NB9605
L55110 na N5006 NB9606
L75ii N5007 NB9607
LIPX036 N5009 NB9801
M3N N5010 P71EN0
M3NP N5011 P79T
M5N N5013 R14KT
M5NP N5014 R14KT1
M6N N5015 X70-4S400-G1L2 na R15D na
M7V2P-E N5016 X70-4S400-G1L2 na S5N
M30-3S4400-C1S1 N5017 X70-4S400-G1L2 na S14Y
M30EI N5019 S20ii
M50EI N5020 S96F
M2400N N5021 S96J
M2400N 24M N39053 UN243
MS-163K N36329 UN251
MS-1651 NB9001 UN34BS1-P
N14RA NB9002 UN341C1-S1
N15RI NB9003 X20ii
N34A NB9004 X20-3S4400-S1P3
N34BS3 NB9106 X70-4S400-G1L2 na
N35BS2 NB9107 X70-4S4400-S1S5
N35BS8 NB9108 X721A6 X70-4S400-G1L2 na
N241S1 na NB9111 Z62F
N243S8 NB9112 Z71A
N244LL0 NB9113 Z84F
N245ii NB9114 Z7100A
. NB9115 .

Send an e-mail to sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Nobilis laptop listed with the manufacturer, model number and battery model.

(One year warranty on all computer batteries which are new and not refurbished or surplus)