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Sky & Pantech Cell Phone Batteries

PantechSky cell phone batteries

5HTB0102B0A C630 IM-A780L PG1400
5HTB0133S0A C740 IM-810S PG3000
5HTB0073B0A C790 IM-830S PG3200
218 C810 IM-A840/L/S/P PG6100
700 C820 IM-A860 PG-C120
3200 CB100 Jetpack 4G PG-C300
7000V C810 Laser PG-E330
8200 CB200 Link Platinum 5 na
8932 CDM-8915 Link II PN-205
A100 CDM-8932 Magnus PN-210
A800S CDM-8955 Matrix PN-212
A810/K/S CDM-8992/VM Matrix Pro PN-215
A820L CDM-8999 Marauder PN-218
A860S 4G Crux MHS291L PN-230
ADR910L/LVW Discover N-320 PN-300
BAT-6700M Duo NS02 PN-315
BATT-6800M Ease P2000 PN-320
BAT-7100M Elite 5.0LW na P2020 PN-810
BAT-7200M Elite A55 na P5000 PN-820
BAT-7300M Flex P6010 PN-3200
BAT-7400M G100 P7000 PN-8200
Breakout G200 P7040 PN-C120
Breeze G209 P8010 PN-E330
Breeze II G310 P9020 Pocket
BTR-8B G500 P9050 PTL21UAA
BTR291B G550 P9060 Pursuit II
BTR910B G600 P9070 Pursuit P9020
BTR930B G670 P9090 Q99
BTR-8932 G700 PBR-OZ2 R930L
BTR-8955 G900 PBR-40A Reveal
BTR-8992/B GB200 PBR-49A S100
BTR-8995 GF100 PBR-51A S1500
Burst GF200 PBR-51B Sky 5.0PRO II na
C3 GF500 PBR-55B Sky IM-A840S
C3b GI100 PBR-55D Slate
C120 GX230C PBR-55H Snapper
C150 nya Hello PBR-3200 Star Q
C180 Duo Hello Ocean 2 PBR-8999 TXT8026c
C300 HotShot 8992 PBR-C530 Vega
C320 HWU M318 PBR-C630 Vega 6
C520 IM-A840S/SP PBS-A100 Vega N6
C530 Impact PBS-S100 Vega Q
C570 IM-A710 PC800 Vega R3
C610 IM-A730 PC-8200N Vega Racer 2
. IM-A760/s PCD TXTM8 Vega S5
. IM-A770k Perception Z1

The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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