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Petsafe Dog Collar equivalent Batteries


A12 PIG00-10680
BC-50B PIG00-10773
BC-102 PIG00-10778
CR1/3N PIG00-11006
FF1 PIG00-11007
FF188 PIG19-10761
FR-200P PIG19-10764
HDT11-13910 PIG19-11042
L1325 PIG20-11041
MicroLite PIG22-11849
PAC00-12159 PIG22-11850
PBC00-10782 PIG22-11868
PBC00-11047 PIG22-11869
PBC00-11283 PIG23-10681
PBC00-12725 PIG23-10689
PBC00-12726 PRF-275-19
PBC00-12789 PRF-3004W
PBC23-10685 PRF-304W
PBC23-10931 PRF-3004W-20
PBC23-10932 PSBC-300
PBC-102 PUL-250
PBC-302 PUL-275
PBC00-10677 PUSB-150-19
PCB00-1105 PUSB-300
PBC19-10765 PVPP-300
PBC23-10685 PWF19-10762
PCF-275-19 R-21
PCF-1000-20 R-22
PDBC-300 R-51
PBDC-300-20 RF-250
PDT00-10675 RF-304
PDT00-10687 RFA-67/D
PDT00-12470 RFA-68
PDT24-10792 RFA-182
PDT24-10793 RFA-188
PDT100-10675 RFA-416
PEL-100 RFA-417
PG-250 SDT00-11907
PIF-275-19 SportDog SBC-6
PIF-300 SportDog SBC-18
PIF-300-21 Yard & Park Trainer PDT00-12470
PIG00-10674 .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.
There is a $7 Cdn ($5.60US) shipping and handling charge.
90 day warranty & no questions asked 1 month return policy