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Rayovac Camcorder & Digital Camera Batteries


RV1045 RV3019 RV4440 RV5201
RV1055 RV3044 RV-4440 RV5201T
RV1500K RV3077 RV4441 RV5400
RV1919 RV4002 RV4442 RV-5400
RV1950 RV4007 RV4461 RV5431
RV2022 RV4015 RV4500 RV5441
RV2088 RV4019 RV4601 RV5442
RV3004 RV4019T RV4970 RV5443
RV3005 RV4051/K RV4971 RV5451
RV3006 RV4088 RV5001 RV5462
RV3007 RV4091 RV5011 RV5600
RV3009 RV4101 RV5014 RV6077
RV3010 RV4209 RV5015 RV9011
RV3011 RV4401 RV5101 RV9200K
RV3016 RV4431 RV5101T RV-DC8100

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Rayovac battery model listed.