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RCA Camcorder Batteries

100 CC-425 CC-6374 PRO-810
101 CC-428 CC-6383 PRO-815
102 CC-431 CC-6384 PRO-820
125 CC-432 CC-6391 PRO-820A
150 CC-433 CC-6392 PRO-825
151 CC-434 CC-6393 PRO-830
152 CC-436 CC-6394 PRO-832
170 n/a CC-437 CC-8251 PRO-840
188 CC-439 CC-9360 PRO-842
800 n/a CC-445 CC-9370 PRO-843
825 n/a CC-507 CC-9373 PRO-844/HB
900 n/a CC-509 CC-9381 PRO-845
925 n/a CC-510 CC-9390 PRO-846
926 n/a CC-512 CC-1000 PRO-846A
950 n/a CC-517 CCD-FX210 PRO-847
975 n/a CC-520 CCD-FX230 PRO-850
16-801 CC-525 CCR-265 PRO-851
16-802 CC-540 CCR-300 PRO-852
16-803 CC-542 CCR-305 PRO-854
16-825 CC-543 CDO96FL PRO-860
16-851 CC-547 CDR-250 PRO865
16-852 CC-548 CG-400 PRO-867
16-853 CC-560 CG-684 PRO-870
CC-009 CC-600 CG-686 PRO-880
CC-102 CC-603 CG-706 PRO-880HB
CC-120 CC-604 CG-812 PRO-881HB
CC-125 CC-612 CG-814 PRO-883
CC-126 CC-614 CG-819 PRO-883HB
CC-150 CC-615 CG-820 PRO-884HB
CC-174 CC-616 CG-9906 PRO-898LH
CC-175 CC-617 CL5000 PRO-930
CC-176 CC-618 CLC-021 PRO-932
CC-177 CC-620 CLR-200 PRO-942
CC-178 CC-631/A CMR-200 PRO-943
CC-180 CC-632 CMR-300 PRO-949
CC-187 CC-633 CMR-350 PRO-998LH
CC-188 CC-634 COR-250 PRO.2000D
CC-190 CC-636 CPR-100 PRO-B712
CC-250 CC-637 CPR-150 PRO-EDIT
CC-260 CC-639 CPR-170 Proscan
CC-265 CC-641 CPR-175 PRO-V600
CC-275 CC-643 CPR-250 PRO-V700C
CC-280 CC-645 CPR-275 PRO-V702C
CC-285 CC-648 CPR-200 PRO-V712
CC-286 CC-704 CPR-300 PRO-V714
CC-300 CC-710 CPR-350 PRO-V730
CC-305 CC-740 CPR-S350 PRO-V740
CC-310 CC-800 CVR-475 PRO-V741
CC-311 CC-850 DSP-3 PRO-V742
CC-320 CC-900D EZ205 PRO-V800C
CC-345 CC-1000 EZ207 PRO-V801C
CC-350 CC-1017 EZ209 PRO-V949/HB
CC-360 CC-1650 EZ1000 PRO-V950HB
CC-390 CC-4251 EZ101 PRO-V2000D
CC-391 CC-4252 EZ105 PRP820
CC-400 CC-4271 EZ201 PRP-930
CC-401 CC-4352 EZ202 PSC-2
CC-402 CC-4362 EZ1100 PSC-10
CC-403 CC-4371 EZ2050 PSC-15C
CC-404 CC-4372 EZ2110 PSC-20
CC-405 CC-4391 EZ3000 PSC-20HB
CC-406 CC-4392 EZ5000 SB-1260
CC-407 CC-4393 EZ5100 VDP150N n/a
CC-408 CC-6151 PRO.8 VGP-150 n/a
CC-409 CC-6163 PRO-598 VGP-170 n/a
CC-410 CC-6251 PRO-598H VJP-170 n/a
CC-411 CC-6254 PRO-600 VJP-825 n/a
CC-412 CC-6262 PRO-660 VJP-900 n/a
CC-413 CC-6263 PRO-698H VJP-950 n/a
CC-414 CC-6271 PRO-702C VJP-970 n/a
CC-415 CC-6272 PRO-711 VKP-925 n/a
CC-416 CC-6291 PRO-712 VKP-926 n/a
CC-417 CC-6272 PRO-714 VKP-950
CC-418 CC-6291 PRO-730 VKP-975 n/a
CC-419 CC-6354 PRO-742 VFP-170 n/a
CC-420 CC-6363 PRO-800 VLP-800 n/a
CC-421 CC-6364 PRO-807 VLP-900 n/a
CC-422 CC-6371 PRO-808 VTR-100
CC-423 CC-6372 PRO-808A .
CC424 CC-6373 PRO-809 .

Battery models

1CVA115 AV-608 BB-75 BV-060
1CVA125 AV-609 BB-75L CB-060
1CVA135 AV-610 BB-85L CB-096/FL
1CVA145 AV-622 BB-90 CB096FS
1CVA150 AV-625 BB-90L CB-120
1CVA153 AV-626 BP-96 CBC-0120
1CVA155 AV-628 BP-96FL CBC-060
1CVA156 AV-650 BB-96FS CBC-120
1CVA157 AV-800 BB-99L CPS-01 n/a
1CVA158 AV-8M3W/HP BB-120 CPS-06
1CVA158C AV-8MLED BB-150 CPS019
1CVA190 AV-8MM BB-700 DR-8
247800 AV-8MSH BC-40 EP096FL
AAA BB-44 BP-96 FB120
AV-55 BB-45 BP-96FL FB1260
AV-096 BB-46L BP-96/FC/FS GB090
AV-120 BB-50 BP-096 NP-42
AV-158 BB-55L BP-096FL NP77
AV-158C BB-060 BP-096FS NB-009 n/a
AV-336V BB-65L BT-H11U SB-1260

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your RCA model listed.