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Samsung Camcorder Batteries


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AD43-00136A SC-D307 SC-L710 VP-D31
AD43-00148A SC-D323 SC-L750 VP-D33
HMX-E10 SC-D325 SC-L770 VP-D34
HMX-E100 SC-D327 SC-L800 VP-D39
HMX-F50BN SC-D340 SC-L805 VP-D50
HMX-F80 SC-D351/i SC-L810 VP-D60
HMX-F90BN SC-D352/i SC-L850 VP-D65
HMX-F500 SC-D353/i SC-L860 VP-D70
HMX-F530 SC-D354/i SC-L870 VP-D73/i
HMX-H100 SC-D355/i SC-L901 VP-D75
HMX-H104 SC-D357 SC-L906 VP-D76
HMX-H105 SC-D363 SC-M50 VP-D77/i
HMX-H106 SC-D364 SC-M51 VP-D87
HMX-H200 SC-D365 SC-M52 VP-D93
HMX-H203 SC-D366 SC-M53 VP-D97
HMX-H204 SC-D370 SC-M105S VP-D99
HMX-H205 SC-D371 SC-MM10S VP-D101
HMX-H300 SC-D372 SC-MM11 VP-D103
HMX-H303 SC-D375(H) SC-MM12 VP-D105
HMX-H304 SC-D382 SC-MX10/a/p/r VP-D107
HMX-H305 SC-D385 SC-MX20/c/e VP-D130
HMX-H400 SC-D403/A SC-MX25 VP-D190
HMX-H405 SC-D453 SC-W61 VP-D230
HMX-M20 series SC-D455 SC-W62 VP-D250
HMX-M29/SP SC-D457 SC-W71 VP-D270/i
HMX-Q10 SC-D530/T SC-W73 VP-D301
HMX-R10 SC-D557 SC-W80 VP-D303
HMX-S10 SC-D590/T SC-W87 VP-D305
HMX-S15 SC-D653 SC-W97 VP-D307
HMX-S16 SC-D655 SC-X105L VP-D323
HMX-T10 SC-D903 SC-X110L VP-D325
HMX-U10 SC-D907 SC-X205L VP-D327
HMX-U20 SC-D953 SC-X210 VP-D351
QF20 SC-D955 SC-X210L VP-D352
QF30 SC-D957 SC-X220L VP-D353
SC-703 SC-D959 SC-X300 VP-D354
SC-704 SC-D963 SC-X300L VP-D355
SC-754 SC-D965 SC-X704 VP-D381
SC-755 SC-D975 SC-X800 VP-D385
SC-756 SC-D5000 SC-X803 VP-D451
SC-765 SC-D6000 SC-X804 VP-D453/i
SC-803 SC-D6040 SC-X854 VP-D530
SC-804 SC-D6050 SC-X904 VP-D590
SC-A11 SC-D6550 SC-X915 VP-D5000/i
SC-A12 SC-DC163 SC-X953 VP-DX10
SC-A14 SC-DC164 SC-X954 VP-DX100
SC-A15 SC-DC165 SC-X965 VP-DX103
SC-A18 SC-DC173U SLC-90 VP-DX105
SC-A20 SC-DC563 SMX-C10 VP-HMX10 nc
SC-A23 SC-DC564 SMX-C14 VP-L100
SC-A25 SC-DC565 SMX-C20 VP-L300
SC-A30 SC-DC575 SMX-C24 VP-L330
SC-A33 SC-DX10 SMX-E10 VP-L350
SC-A35 SC-DX100 SMX-F30 VP-L500
SC-A80 SC-DX103 SMX-F33BN VP-L520
SC-A85 SC-DX200 SMX-F34/BN VP-L530
SC-A300 SC-DX204 SMX-F40 VP-L550
SC-D20 SC-DX205 SMX-F43 VP-L600
SC-D21 SC-F30 SMX-F44 VP-L610
SC-D23 SC-F32 SMX-F50 VP-L630
SC-D24 SC-F34 SMX-F54 VP-L650
SC-D27 SC-F35 SMX-F70 VP-L700
SC-D29 SC-F500 SMX-F74 VP-L710
SC-D31 SC-F501 SMX-F80 VP-L750
SC-D33 SC-F700 SMX-K40 VP-L770
SC-D34 SC-F702 SMX-K44 VP-L800
SC-D39 SC-F703 SMX-K45 VP-L850
SC-D53 SC-F704 SMX-K400 VP-L870
SC-D55 SC-F710 SMX-K442 VP-L980
SC-D60 SC-F712 Sports VP-W60
SC-D67 SC-F754 SV-C3 VP-M50
SC-D70 SC-F755 SV-C8 VP-M51
SC-D71 SC-F756 SV-C9 VP-M52
SC-D73 SC-F765 SV-E27 VP-M53
SC-D75 SC-H985 SC-E27N VP-M54
SC-D77 SC-H996 SV-H30 VP-M102
SC-D80 SC-HMX10/a nc SV-H33 VP-M105
SC-D86 SC-HMX20C nc SV-H803 VP-M110/L/S
SC-D87 SC-K60 SV-H815 VP-M2100
SC-D93 SC-K70 SV-LB5 VP-M2200
SC-D100 SC-K80 SV-NB3 VP-MX10
SC-D103 SC-L90 VC-E805P VP-U12
SC-D105 SC-L100 VC-E806N VP-W60
SC-D107 SC-L150 VC-H815 VP-W61
SC-D130 SC-L300 VDPX10 VP-W63
SC-D163 SC-L320 VM-C5000 VP-W70
SC-D164 SC-L330 VP-A30 VP-W71
SC-C165 SC-L350 VP-A31 VP-W75
SC-D171 SC-L500 VP-A33 VP-W80
SC-D173 SC-L520 VP-A34 VP-W87
SC-D180 SC-L530 VP-A800 VP-X110
SC-D190 SC-L540 VP-A850 VP-X110i
SC-D200 SC-L550 VP-D7L VP-X110L
SC-D230 SC-L600 VP-D20 VP-X205
SC-D250 SC-L610 VP-D21 VP-X210L
SC-D263 SC-L630 VP-D23 VP-X220i
SC-D270 SC-L650 VP-D24 VP-X220L
SC-D303 SC-L700 VP-D26 VP-X300/L
SC-D305 SC-L703 VP-D30 .

Samsung battery models

AA iA-BP85OM NH-340 SB-LSM80
AC431001R iA-BP85ST NP-55 SB-LSM160
AD43-00112A iA-BP85SW NP-77 SB-LSM320
AD43-00113A iA-BP90 SBL-70G SB-P90A
BP85ST iA-BP105R SBL-100 SB-P120A
BP-90A iA-BP125A SBL-110 SB-P120ABK
BP-125A iA-BP210/E/PP SBL-110/XXA SB-P180A
BP-210E iA-BP210R SBL110A SB-P190A
BP-420E iA-BP420E SB-L110G SB-P240
BP-1030 NB-70A SBL-160/XXA SCA-12
CAB-05/06 NB-E60A SBL-220/XXA SLB-11A
ER-C745 NB-E70 SBL-320/XXA SV-LB5
ER-C690 NB-E70A SBL-480/XXA SV-LB6
FB1260 NC-120N SB-LS70 SV-NB3
iA-BH125C NC-240 SB-LS80 SV-NB4
iA-BH130LB NH-170 SB-LS110 V-BN3
iA-BP80W NH-180 SB-LS220 .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Samsung camcorder model listed.