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Samsung Cell Phone & Tablet Batteries

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411 Galaxy Note 7
620 Galaxy Note 8.0
700T Galaxy Note 9
1000 series Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE
1011 Galaxy Note 10.1 T8220E
1020 Galaxy Note 10+
1100 Galaxy Note 12.2
1900 Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
1910 Galaxy Note Edge
2000 Galaxy Note LTE
2016 Duos Galaxy NotePro 12.2
2500 Galaxy On5
3500 Galaxy On6 2018
6100 Galaxy On7
8500 Galaxy On8
A5 (2017) Galaxy On8 2018
A8 Galaxy Player 4.0
A100 Galaxy Pocket Neo
A117 Galaxy POP
A127 Galaxy Premier
A137 Galaxy Prime
A167 Galaxy Pro
A171 Galaxy Proclaim S720
A177 Galaxy Q T589
A226 Galaxy Quick
A227 Galaxy R
A237 Galaxy Relay
A256 Hype Galaxy Reverb
A257 Magnet Galaxy Rugby GT-S5690r
A303 Galaxy Rugby LTE
A400 Galaxy Rugby Pro
A420 Galaxy S
A436 Galaxy S II
A437 Galaxy SII 4G
A460 Galaxy SII HD LTE
A500 Galaxy SII LTE SGH-i727r
A516 Galaxy SII R760
A517 Galaxy SII SGH-i757M
A520 Galaxy S II SPH-D710
A540 Galaxy SII Skyrocket i727
A560 Galaxy S II T989
A570 Galaxy S II X
A580 Galaxy S III
A600 Galaxy S3
A620 Galaxy S III Alpha
A630 Galaxy S III i9300
A637 Galaxy S III LTE
A640 Galaxy S III Mini
A645 Galaxy S3 Mini SGH-T399
A650 Galaxy S4
A655 Galaxy S4 Active
A660 Galaxy S 4 Duos
A667T Galaxy S 4G
A670 Galaxy S 4G T959V
A680 Galaxy S 4 LTE
A687 Galaxy S 4 LTE EU
A697 Galaxy S IV
A706 Galaxy S IV Duos
A707 Galaxy S IV LTE
A717 Galaxy S IV LTE EU
A720 Galaxy S4 Mini
A727 Galaxy S4 Mini Duos
A736 Galaxy S4 Mini Lite
A737 Galaxy S4 Zoom
A740 Galaxy S5
A746 Galaxy S5 Active
A747 Galaxy S5 Dx
A760 Galaxy S5 Mini
A766 Galaxy S5 Neo
A767 Galaxy S5 Neo Duos
A777 Galaxy S5 Zoom
A797 Galaxy S6
A817 Galaxy S6 Active
A820 Galaxy S6 Duos
A836 Galaxy S6 TD-LTE
A837 Galaxy S6 Edge
A840 Galaxy S6 edge Dual Sim
A847 Galaxy S6 Edge+
A850 Galaxy S7
A860 Galaxy S7 Duos
A870 Galaxy S7 Edge
A877 Galaxy S7 XLTE
A880 Galaxy S8
A886 Galaxy S8 Active
A887 Galaxy S8 Plus
A890 Galaxy S9
A900/m Galaxy S9 Duos
A920 na Galaxy S9 Plus
A927 Galaxy S10
A930 Galaxy S10 Plus
A940 Galaxy S20 FE
A950 Galaxy S20 Plus
A970 Galaxy S20 Ultra
A990 Galaxy S21
A997 Galaxy S21 Ultra
AA1D625aS/7-B Galaxy S22 Plus
AAaD828oS/T-B Galaxy S30 Plus
AA-PBZN4NP Galaxy S Advance
AA-PLZN4NP Galaxy S Blaze 4G
AAaD429oS/7-B Galaxy S Blaze Q
AB043446LA Galaxy S Captivate G7
AB043446LABSTD Galaxy S Captivate i896
AB043446LE Galaxy S Captivate i897
AB55344DABSTD Galaxy S Duos
AB55344BA Galaxy S Duos 3
AB394235CE Galaxy S Epic Touch 4G
AB394235CECSTD Galaxy Serrano
AB394635CE Galaxy S Fascinate
AB403450BA/B/STD Galaxy S Hercules
AB403450BABSTD Galaxy S i500
AB403450GZ/GZB/GZBSTD Galaxy S i9000
AB423643CE Galaxy S Infuse 4G
AB463446BA Galaxy S Lightray
AB463446BABSTD Galaxy S Mini
AB463446/BC/BE/LE/LN Galaxy S Relay 4G
AB463446BU Galaxy S Vibrant GT-i9000M
AB463446FZB Galaxy Sol 2
AB463446FZBSTD Galaxy Spica
AB463446LA Galaxy Star
AB463651BA Galaxy Stellar
AB463651BABSTD Galaxy Stellar 4G
AB463651/BC/BE/BEC/BU Galaxy Stratosphere
AB463651GZ Galaxy Style Duos
AB463651GZBSTD Galaxy Tab P1000
AB463851BA/BSTD Galaxy Tab P1010
AB474350BA Galaxy Tab 2
AB474350BABSTD Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
AB483640BE Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
AB483640BEC Galaxy Tab 3 7.0
AB483640BU Galaxy Tab 3 8.0
AB483640CA Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
AB483640CABSTD Galaxy Tab 3 Kids
AB483640DU Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 7.0
AB503442BA/BSTD Galaxy Tab 3 Neo
AB503442BAB Galaxy Tab 3 Plus 10.1
AB503442BABSTD Galaxy Tab 3G
AB503442CA Galaxy Tab 4 7.0
AB503442CABSTD Galaxy Tab 4 8.0
AB503445AA Galaxy Tab 4 10.1
AB503445CA Galaxy Tab 4 Education
AB503445CABSTD Galaxy Tab 4 VE 10.1
AB514757BC Galaxy Tab 7.0
AB514757GZ Galaxy Tab 7.7
AB514757GZBSTD Galaxy Tab 8.0
AB533640AA Galaxy Tab 8.9
AB533640AAB Galaxy Tab 10.1
AB533640AABSTD Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T350
AB533640AE Galaxy Tab A 8.0 SM-T355
AB533640AEC Galaxy Tab A 9.7 /Plus
AB533640AECSTD Galaxy Tab A 10.1
AB533640BA Galaxy Tab Active
AB533640BABSTD Galaxy Tab E 9.6
AB533640CA Galaxy Tab E 10.1
AB533640CABSTD Galaxy Tab i800
AB533640CE Galaxy Tab i987
AB533640CU Galaxy Tab P100
AB553443DA Galaxy TabPRO 8.4
AB553446BA Galaxy TabPro 10.1
AB553446BU Galaxy TabPro 12.2
AB553446CAB Galaxy TabQ 7.0
AB553446CA Galaxy Tab S2 8.0
AB553446CABSTD Galaxy Tab S2 Nook 8.0
AB553446GZ Galaxy Tab S2 Plus 8.0
AB563840CA Galaxy Tab S2 9.7
AB603443AA Galaxy Tab S2 Plus 9.7
AB603443AABSTD Galaxy Tab S5e
AB603443AASTD Galaxy Tab S 8.4
AB603443CA Galaxy Tab S 10.5
AB603443CABSTD Galaxy Tab T849
AB653039CA Galaxy Talk
AB653039CABSTD Galaxy TXT
AB653443CA Galaxy V
AB653443CAB Galaxy Vibrant
AB653443CABSTD Galaxy Victory 4G LTE
AB653850CA Galaxy W
AB653850CABSTD Galaxy Win
AB653850/CA/CC/STD Galaxy Win Duos
AB653850CE Galaxy Win 2 Duos
AB653850CU Galaxy Wonder
AB653850EZ Galaxy Xcover
AB653850EZBSTD Galaxy Xcover 2
AB663450BA Galaxy Xcover 3 2016
AB663450BAB/STD Galaxy Xcover 4
AB663450BZ Galaxy Y
AB663450GZ Galaxy Y Pro Duos
AB813851CA Galaxy Young
AB823450xxxx Galaxy Young Duos
ABPA3108WA Galaxy Z Flip 5G
Access Galaxy Z Fold 2
Ace Garda
Ace II e
GB/T1827-2000 is not a battery model
Ace II X Gem
Ace World Edition Gem i100
Acclaim Genio Qwerty
Acclaim M920 GH43-02186A
Acclaim R880 GH43-02389A
Admire 2 GH43-02773A
Admire 4G GH43-02895A
Admire R720 GH43-02924A Call
Advance GH43-02936A Call
Aegis GH43-03310A
Alias GH43-03155A
Alias 2 GH43-03295A
Altius GH43-03359A Call
Ancora GH43-03374B
Apollo GH43-03386A
Appeal i827 GH43-03442A
ASC29087 GH43-03447A
Ativ Pro GH43-03504A
Ativ S GH43-03506A
Ativ SE GH43-03508A Call
Ativ S Odyssey i930 GH43-03528A
Ativ Tab GT-P8510 GH43-03538A
Attain GH43-03539A
B100AE GH43-03613A
B105/BC/BE/BK/BU GH43-03663A
B150AC/AE GH4303664A
B185BC/BE GH43-03685A
B309 GH43-03699A
B450BC GH43-03833A
B450BU GH43-03849A
B500/AE/BE / BU /BZ GH43-03911A
B600BC GH43-03944A
B600BE GH43-04372A
B600BU GH43-04420A
B600BZ GH43-04431A
B605 GH43-04433A
B700BC/BE/BK/BU GH43-04449A
B740AE GH43-04535A
B780A GH43-04560A
B800/BE/BK/BU GH43-04593A na
B2700 GH43-04628A
B3410 GH43-04731A
B5310 GH43-04928A
B5510 GH68-15890A
B5702C GH82-16479A
B5712C GH82-18826A
B5722 Duos GH82-19269A
B7300 GH82-20814A
B7320 GH82-22989A
B7330 GH82-27502A
B7610 GH-D730
B7620 GH-F210
Baffin GH-J800
Beat Gio
Beat DJ Giorgio Armani
Behold Glamour S7070
Behold2 Gleam
Behold SGH-T919 Glyde
BEX279HSA Glyde 2
BEX476HKA Gravity see model #
Blackjack Gravity 2 T469
Blackjack II Gravity 3
Blade Gravity 3 T479
Blast Gravity Quad
Brightside Gravity S nya
BSL1397SEB Gravity Smart
BST034ADE Gravity T359
BST097ASE Gravity T456
BST153ASE Gravity T479
BST195ASE Gravity Touch
BST219ASE Gravity Touch 2
BST300ASE Gravity TXT
BST331ASA GB2700
BST-346AKA n/a GS 5 Active
BST-346ASA GT-7511
BST364BSA GT-7560M
BST0369DE GT-B3210
BST383ASR GT-B3310
BST0399DE GT-B3410
BST467AKR silver grey GT-B5310
BST531AB/A nla GT-B5722
BST531ABA nla GT-B7300
BST531ABAB nla GT-B7330
BST0819SE GT-B7510
BST0989SE GT-B7610
BST1019SE GT-B7620
BST1139SE GT-B7722
BST1399SEB GT-B7732
BST2488SE/B GT-B7800
BST3078BE/C GT-B9062
BST3108xx GT-C3050/C
BST4048BE GT-C3053
BST4358BA GT-C3060
BST468/AB/BA GT-C3222
BST4968BA GT-C3322
BT-B7732 GT-C3300
BTE41 GT-C3303
BTS850 GT-C3500
C11PNCH GT-C3510
C225 GT-C3520
C414/r GT-C3590
C417 GT-C3610
C5212 GT-C3750
Caliber GT-C5510U
Captivate Glide i927 GT-C5530
Captivate i896 GT-C6112
Captivate i897 GT-E329i
Celox GT-E1117
Cetus GT-E1210
Ch GT-E1070
Character R640 GT-E1100
Chart GT-E1150
Chat 322 GT-E1190
Chat 335 GT-E2120
Cleo GT-E2210
Code SCH-i200 GT-E2330
Comeback T559 GT-E2520
Comment R380 GT-E2530
Conquer 4G GT-E3300
Convoy/2/3/U640/U660 GT-i1819
Cooper GT-i869
Corby GT-i5500/m
Corby II GT-i5510/m
Corby Plus GT-i5700
Corby Pro GT-i5800/L/D
Corby TXT GT-i5801
Craft GT-i6320c
Craft R900 GT-i6330
Crown GT-i6410
D307 GT-i7110
D347 GT-i7275
D357 GT-i7500/L
D407 GT-i7680
D410 GT-i8000
D800 GT-i8150
D806 GT-i8160/P
D807 GT-i8180
D820 GT-i8190
D900 GT-i8260
Dart GT-i8262
Diva GT-i8262D
Delve GT-i8268
Dream 2 GT-i8305
DoubleTake U450 GT-i8320
Double Time GT-i8350
Droid Charge GT-i8370
E105 GT-i8510
E315 GT-i8530
E316 GT-i8550
E317 GT-i8552
E335 GT-i8558
E900 GT-i8700
E908 GT-i8750
E1120C GT-i8910
E1310C GT-i9000m
E1360C GT-i9020
E2100C GT-i9070/P
E2210B GT-i9100M
E2210C GT-i9101
EB124465YZ GT-i9103
EB404465VA GT-i9118
EB404465VABSTD GT-i9190
EB424255VA GT-i9192
EB424255VABSTD GT-i9195
EB424255YZBSTD GT-i9197
EB425161LA GT-i9198
EB425161LU GT-i9200
EB425365LU GT-i9205
EB454357VU GT-i9208
EB464358VA GT-i9210
EB464358VU GT-i9220
EB484659VA GT-i9250
EB484659VABSTD GT-i9250M
EB484659VUBSTD GT-i9260
EB484659YZ GT-i9268
EB484659YZBSTD GT-i9295
EB485159LA GT-i9300
EB485760LU GT-i9305
EB494353VA GT-i9308
EB494353VU GT-i9500
EB494358VA GT-i9502
EB494358VU GT-i9505
EB494865VA GT-i9506
EB504465IZ GT-i9600
EB504465LA GT-i9602
EB504465VA GT-i9700
EB504465VK GT-M2310
EB504465VU GT-M2510
EB504465VUBSTD GT-M2710
EB504465YZ GT-M3200
EB504465YZBSTD GT-M3318C
EB505165YZ GT-M7500
EB524759VA/VU GT-M7600
EB535151VU GT-M7603
EB535151VUBSTD GT-N5100
EB535163LA GT-N5110
EB535163LAGSTA GT-N7000
EB535163LZ GT-N7100
EB535163LZBXAR GT-N7105/T
EB555157VA GT-N7108
EB555157VABSTD GT-N8000
EB575152LA GT-N8010
EB575152VA GT-N8013
EB575152VU GT-P3100
EB585157LU GT-P3113
EB585157VA GT-P8010
EB585157VK GT-P1000
EB585157VKBSTD GT-P1010
RB585158LP GT-P3113
EB595675LA GT-P5100
EB595675LU GT-P5110
EB615268VA GT-P5113
EB615268VU GT-P5200
EB625152VA GT-P5210
EB625152VU GT-P5213
EB664239XZ GT-P5220
EB-B130BE GT-P6200
EB-B220AC GT-P6210
EB-B500BE/BU GT-P6800
EB-B600/CE/BE/BU GT-P6810
EB-B600BZ GT-P7000
EB-B800BE GT-P7100
EB-B900/BC/BE/BK/BU GT-P7500
EB-BA202ABU GT-P7510
EB-BA217ABY GT-P7511
EB-BA500ABE GT-P8110
EB-BA505AB/N/U GT-P8220/E
EB-BA700ABE GT-S3030
EB-BA800ABE GT-S3100
EB-BE500ABE GT-S3650
EB-BG355BBE GT-S3653
EB-BG390BBE GT-S5220
EB-BG510CBC GT-S5222
EB-BG800BBE GT-S5280
EB-BG890ABA GT-S5330
EB-BG892ABA GT-S5510/T
EB-BG920ABA na GT-S5570
EB-BG920ABE GT-S5600
EB-BG925ABE GT-S5603
EB-BG973ABU GT-S5820
EB-BG975ABU GT-S5830/D
EB-BG985ABY GT-S5831
EB-BJ111ABE GT-S6010
EB-BJ700BBC GT-S6310
EB-BJ800ABE GT-S6358
EB-BN915BB/C/E/K GT-S7220
EB-BN916BBC GT-S7230
EB-BS906ABY GT-S7270
EB-BT116ABA na GT-S7275
EB-BT255BBC GT-S7500
EB-BT330FBE GT-S7508
EB-BT355ABA GT-S7562
EB-BT355ABE GT-S7710
EB-BT365BBU GT-S7898
EB-BT530FBC GT-S8300
EB-BT530/E/FBU GT-S8500
EB-BT567ABA GT-S8600
EB-BT585ABA/ABE Gusto 2
EB-BT710ABA/ABE Gusto SCH-U410
EB-BT750FBC Habrok
EB-BT750FBU Halley
EB-BT800FBC/FBE/FBJ Haven U320
EB-BT810AB/A/E Heat Helio
EB-F1A2GBU Hercules
EB-L1D7IBA Highlight T749
EB-L1D7iBK Highnote SPH-M630
EB-L1D7iVZ Hue
EB-L1F2HBU Huron
EB-L1F2HVU Hype A256
EB-L1F2KVK i220
EB-L1G6LL i225
EB-L1G6LLA i257
EB-L1G6LLK i400 Continuum
EB-L1G6LLU i467
EB-L1G6LLUC i509
EB-L1G6LVA i601 Blackjack
EB-L1H2LLD i616
EB-L1H2LLU i627
EB-L1J9LVD i637
EB-L1K6ILA i700
EB-L1K6ILZ i727
EB-L1L7/LLA/LLU i730
EB-L1M1NLA i777
EB-L1M1NLU i830
EB-L1M9KLA i857
EB-L1P3DVU i896
Elevate i897
Emerge J3 i900
Emporio Armani i908
Entro SPH-M350 i910
Epic 4G i927
Epic 4G Touch i939
Epix i5700
Eternity i7110 Pilot
Eternity II i8000
Evergreen i8190
Evergreen A667 i8510
Exclaim M550 i8910
Exhibit II 4G i9000
Exhibit 4G i9100
Express 2 i9192
Express Prime 2 i9195
F266 i9198
F400 i9250
F406 i9300
Fascinate SCH-i500 i9500
Fit Illusion i110
Flight II Impact
Flight II A927 Impression A877
Flight A797 Indulge
Flipshot Infuse 4G
Focus Innovate
Focus 2 INNOV8
Focus Flash Inspiration i510
Focus i917 Inspiration i520
Focus S Instinct
Forever SGH-A886 Instinct HD
Freeform SCH-r350 Instinct HD M850
Freeform II Instinct HD S50
Freeform II R360 Instinct M800
Freeform III R380 Instinct Mini S30
Freeform 4 Instinct S30
Galaxy 5 Intensity
Galaxy 7.0 Plus Intensity II
Galaxy 550 Intensity III
Galaxy 551 Intensity U450
Galaxy A5 Intercept
Galaxy A6 2018 Intercept M910
Galaxy A7 Intrepid i350
Galaxy A8 Duos IP-790
Galaxy A10E IP-830W
Galaxy A11 J2 Dash
Galaxy A20 J705
Galaxy A21S 2020 J706
Galaxy A30 Jack
Galaxy A50 Jack i637
Galaxy A51 Jena
Galaxy A70 Jet
Galaxy A71 Jitterbug J
Galaxy A7000 Juke
Galaxy A7009 Katalyst T739
Galaxy Ace Knack
Galaxy Ace S5830 Knack U310
Galaxy Ace 2 Lightray
Galaxy Ace 2 /x/e Link SCH-r351
Galaxy Ace 3 B100AE Linx
Galaxy Ace 3 SGH-T399 M100
Galaxy Ace 3 Light M210
Galaxy Ace 3 LTE M220
Galaxy Ace 4 M240
Galaxy Ace Plus GT-S7500 M300
Galaxy Ace Duos M305
Galaxy Ace Q M320
Galaxy Active Neo M330
Galaxy Admire 4G M340
Galaxy Alpha M350
Galaxy AMP 2 M359
Galaxy Amp Prime 2 M360
Galaxy Amp Prime 3 2018 M380
Galaxy Appeal i827 M390
Galaxy Apollo M500
Galaxy Ativ Tab3 M510
Galaxy Attain M520
Galaxy Avant M530
Galaxy Axiom M540
Galaxy Beam M550
Galaxy C9 Pro M580
Galaxy Captivate M610 see full model #
Galaxy Core see battery model M620
Galaxy Core 2 M630
Galaxy Core 4G M800
Galaxy Core Duos M820
Galaxy Core Lite M828C
Galaxy Core Lite 4G M900
Galaxy Core LTE M910
Galaxy Core LTE EB-L1H2LLU M919V
Galaxy Core Max M920
Galaxy Core Max Duos M2710C
Galaxy Core Mini M3510
Galaxy Core Plus M7500
Galaxy Core Prime M7600
Galaxy Core Prime Value M8910
Galaxy Discover SCH-R740C Magnet
Galaxy Discover SGH-S730M ME571K
Galaxy Duos Memoir
Galaxy E5 Messenger
Galaxy Eclipse 2 Messenger R450
Galaxy Europa Messenger II R560
Galaxy Exhibit Messenger III
Galaxy Exhilarate Messenger Touch
Galaxy Express 3 Messenger Touch R630
Galaxy Express Prime Midas
Galaxy Express Prime 3 Milky
Galaxy Fame Miss Player
Galaxy Fit MM-700
Galaxy Gio MM-A700
Galaxy Grand 2 MM-A880
Galaxy Grand 3 MM-A900/m
Galaxy Grand Max MM-A920 nla
Galaxy Grand On MM-A940
Galaxy Grand Prime Moment
Galaxy Grand Prime Duos Monte
Galaxy Grand Prime Value Muscat
Galaxy Grand Quattro Muse
Galaxy J1 MyShot R430
Galaxy J1 Ace Mysto
Galaxy J1 6 Mythic
Galaxy J1 2016 N105
Galaxy J1 Duos N150
Galaxy J2 N200
Galaxy J2 2018 N300
Galaxy J2 Duos N370
Galaxy J2 Pro N400
Galaxy J3 N7000
Galaxy J3 2016 N8000
Galaxy J3 2017 NBTE1028
Galaxy J3 2018 NBTS1041
Galaxy J3 Achieve NBTS1054
Galaxy J3 Achieve 2018 NBTS1058
Galaxy J3 Eclipse NBTS1074
Galaxy J3 Emerge Net 10
Galaxy J3 Express Prime 2 Nexio S160
Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Next Pop 551
Galaxy J3 Prime 2017 Nexus/3
Galaxy J3 Pro Duos Nexus 4G LTE
Galaxy J3 Pro Duos 2017 Nexus 7 2nd
Galaxy J3 Star Nexus 7 FHD
Galaxy J3 V Nexus 7 HD
Galaxy J3 V 2017 Nexus i9250
Galaxy J3 V 2018 Nexus Prime
Galaxy J5 Nexus S
Galaxy J5 Duos Nimbus
Galaxy J5 Prime Nimbus U420
Galaxy J6 2018 Noble
Galaxy J7 Note 9 Duos
Galaxy J7 6 Duos TD-LTE Odyssey
Galaxy J7 2016 Omnia see model #
Galaxy J7 Core Omnia II
Galaxy J7 Metal 2016 Omnia 3G
Galaxy J7 Neo 2017 Duos Omnia 7
Galaxy J7 Nxt 2017 Duos Omnia HD
Galaxy J8 2018 Omnia i900
Galaxy K zoom Omnia Pro
Galaxy Light Omnia SCH-i910
Galaxy Luna P207
Galaxy M P777
Galaxy M Pro P3110
Galaxy Mega P6200
Galaxy Mega 2/Duos/LTE P6210
Galaxy Mega 6.3/Duos/LTE P7100
Galaxy Mega 7 P7500
Galaxy Mega On Payt
Galaxy Metrix 4G Player Light
Galaxy Mini Player Star
Galaxy Mini 2 Player Star 2
Galaxy Music PM840
Galaxy Nexus/3 PM-A740
Galaxy Nexus i515 PM-A840
Galaxy Nexus i9250M Precedent
Galaxy Nexus SPH-L700 Preston
Galaxy Note 1 Prevail
Galaxy Note 1 i717 Prime J327
Galaxy Note 1 GT-N7000 Profile
Galaxy Note 1 GT-i9220 Progre 4G LTE
Galaxy Note II Propel A767
Galaxy Note II LTE Propel Pro
Galaxy Note II LTE 32GB R100
Galaxy Note II LTE 64GB R200
Galaxy Note III R225
Galaxy Note 3 LTE R300
Galaxy Note 3 Mini R330
Galaxy Note 3 Neo R350
Galaxy Note 3 Neo Duos R360
Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE R380
Galaxy Note 4 EB-BN916BBC R390
Galaxy Note 4 EB-BN910BBE/BBU R400
Galaxy Note 4G R410
Galaxy Note 4 LTE R420
Galaxy Note 5 R450

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The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it willlast on a charge, the higher the better.

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