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Sanyo Cordless Phone Batteries

Sanyo Cordless phone Batteries

905 CLT-88 CLT-6450 CLT-K928
2402 CLT-92CD CLT-6550 CLT-K958
2653 CLT-103 CLT-6561 CLT-OHE30
18560 CLT-156 CLT-6571 CLT-OHE40
23-196 CLT-170 CLT-6700 CLT-Q185KM
27015 CLT 176 CLT-6750 CLT-U12
27-0000-001 CLT 177 CLT-7100 CLT-U20
2N-270AA(mrx) CLT-242/D CLT-7500 CLT-U22
2SN-AAA60H-S-T na CLT-246D CLT-8201 CLT-U30
3091 CLT 300 CLT-8205 CLT-U32/BK
30AAK3BML CLT-520 CLT-8371 CLT-W10
3KR-600AAL see next also CLT-555 CLT-8500 CLT-W20
3KR-600AAL see above also CLT 556 CLT-8600 CLT-W25
3KR-600AAL cyb105 na CLT-560 CLT-8601 CLT-X6 na
3KR-800AAE CLT-575 CLT-8601 CLYT-33
3N-20CAAA CLT-576 CLT-8711/CD CMT-9550
3N-150N n/a CLT-577 CLT-8800 Compander+
3N250AA CLT-580 CLT-8801 CO100P1
3N270 CLT-630 CLT-8809 CP33 na
3N270A CLT 656 CLT-8810 CP-F301
3N-270AA CLT 657 CLT-8821/CD CP-3F03
3N-270AA(hoda) CLT-658 CLT-8871 CP-3H01
3N-270AA(jst) CLT-667 CLT-9081 CP-3H02
3N-270AA(mrx) CLT-670 CLT-9100 CP-3H03
3N-270AA(mrx)(r) CLT-677 CLT-9109 CP-SF02
3N-270AA(mtm) CLT-760 CLT-9109 ETA-275
3N-500AA CLT-867 CLT-9171 GES-3AHRAACL
3N-600AA(mrx) CLT-870 CLT-9200 GES-MC2AA
3N-600AA(mtm) CLT-877 CLT-9261 GES-PC3F03
3N600AACL CLT-880 CLT-9300 GES-PC615
3N-600AAL CLT-902 CLT-9400 GES-PC901
3SN-270AA-PS3 Saba CLT-908/A CLT-9500 GES-PC902
3SN-AA60-S-J1 CLT-909 CLT-9531 GES-PC910
3SN-AA CLT-917 CLT-9571 GES-PC915
3SN-AAA60H-S-J1 CLT-918 CLT-9581 GES-PC920
3SN-AAA60H-S-J1F CLT-919 CLT-9661 GES-PCC04
3SN-AAA65H-S-F CLT-920 CLT-9670 GES-PCC05
3SN-AAA75H-S-J1 CLT-925 CLT-9810 GES-PCF01
4041 CLT-926 CLT-9812 GES-PCF02
4N-250AA CLT-927 CLT-9819 GES-PCF03
4N-600A CLT-928 CLT-9820 GES-PCF05
5N-600AA CLT-937/A CLT-9839 GES-PCF06
5N-700AAE CLT-947/A CLT-9840 GES-PCF07
46521150 CLT-957/A CLT-9861 GES-PCF09
14192 CLT-960 CLT-9901 GES-PCF10
18560 CLT-966 CLT-9902 GES-PCH01
23616 CLT-968 CLT-9903 GES-PCH02
23617 CLT-970E CLT-9904 GES-PCH03
23618 CLT-986 CLT-9905 GES-PCH05
23620 CLT-1160 CLT-9909 GES-PCH06
23621 CLT1260 CLT-9910 GES-PCH07
25479 CLT-1300 CLT-9911 GES-PCH08
26543 CLT1360 CLT-9915 GES-PCL01
60-AAA-H3BJ2-2 CLT-1461 CLT-9916 GES-PCM02
A-230M CLT-1581 CLT-9923 HO1
BT0001 CLT-1761 CLT-9925 JRT 2003K
BT10 CLT-1861 CLT-9926 NTC-4
BT-446 CLT-1881 CLT-9930 NTL-4
BT905 CLT-1881BK CLT-9935/B NTL-14
BT-1008S CLT-1931 CLT-9936 PC3F03
CAS100 CLT-1961 CLT-9950 PC615
CAS-125 CLT-2400 CLT-9960 PC901
CAS-130 CLT-2402 CLT-9965 PC902
CAS 150 CLT-2403 CLT-33001 PC915
CAS-156 CLT-2410 CLT-36001 PCC01
CAS-160 CLT-2412 CLT-A200M PCC04
CAS-170 CLT-2413 CLT-A210M PCC05
CAS-300 CLT-2415 CLT-A220M PCF01
CAS-837 CLT-2418 CLT-A230M PCF01M
CAS-867 CLT-2419 CLT-A230M PCF02
CAS-887 CLT-2420 CLT-A900 PCF03
CAS-1150 CLT-2422 CLT-A901 PCF04
CAS1200/A CLT-2423 CLT-A902 PCF06
CAS1300 CLT-2425 CLT-A903 PCF07
CAS-1500/A CLT-2430 CLT-A905 PCF09
CAS-1700 CLT-2435 CLT-A5822 PCH01
CAS-6320 CLT-2761 CLT-A5830 PCH02
CAS-6322 CLT-3100 CLT-A5832 PCH03
CAS-6323 CLT-3200 CLT-A6830 PCH05
CAS-8371 CLT 3300/A CLT-A6832 PCH06
CAS-8871 CLT-3301A CLT-A9011 PCH07
CAS-A900 CLT-33001 CLT-D5880 PCH08
CAS-A9000 CLT-3400/A CLT-D5882 PCL01
CLT 3500 CLT-D6220 na PCL02
CLT-3600/A CLT-D6222 na PCM02
CLT 4300 CLT-D6223 na PLA-A7
CAS-D6325 CLT-4350 CLT-D6614 PP575
CL-156 CLT-4360 CLT-D6620/WH SBC-2403
CL 410 CLT-4450 CLT-D6622 SBC-2432
CLA-1705KM CLT-4550 CLT-D6623 SCL01
CLA-A7 CLT 4600 CLT-D6720 handset SCL05
CLA-AW7 CLT-4650 CLT-D6720 base SCL07
CLE-40 CLT-5260 CLT-E22 T102
CLR-W25 CLT 5400 CLT-E23 T406
CLT-4ER CLT-5561 CLT-E30 TH-1000S
CLT-5ER CLT-5581 CLT-E32 TH1010/M/S
CLT-6ER CLT 5600 CLT-E33 TH015
CLT-25 CLT-5761 CLT-E40 TH1010M
CLT-30 CLT-5810 CLT-E42 TH1010S
CLT-33 CLT-5812 CLT-J30 TH1015
CLT-35/A CLT-5822 CLT-J40 TH2000/S
CLT-39 CLT-5860 CLT-J50 TH5100/B
CLT-55KM CLT-5861 CLT-J60 TH5200
CLT-65 CLT-5881 CLT-J70 TH5400
CLT-75KM CLT-6000 CLT-J80 THB-011
CLT-75M CLT 6100 CLT-J90 TL26144
CLT-85 CLT 6300 CLT-JB40K .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.comif you don't see your Sanyo model listed.

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