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Siemens Gigaset & BenQ Phone Batteries

Siemens PhonesGigaset Phones
2C.2G3.D0.101 Gigaset 1015 Gigaset Comfort 4000 m9XO
3QNF3550 Gigaset 1020 Gigaset CX100 M34
8M2BZ Gigaset 1030 Gigaset CX150 M35
23.20115.102 Gigaset 1415 Gigaset CX203 M55
60AAH3BMX Gigaset 1441 Gigaset CX253 M56
2011 Gigaset 2000 Gigaset CX340 M22709
2402 Gigaset 2000C Pocket Gigaset CX345 Maxwell 10
240 Gigaset 2000L Gigaset CX450 MC60
240C Gigaset 2010 Gigaset CX455 Megaset 940
242 Gigaset 2011 Gigaset CX470 Megaset 950
2010 Pocket Gigaset 2011 Pocket Gigaset CX475 Megaset 960
2011 Pocket Gigaset 2015 Gigaset CX550 Megaset M930
2400 Gigaset 2016 Gigaset CX590 Megaset S42
2402 Gigaset 2020 Gigaset CX595 Megaset S100
2410 Gigaset 2030 Gigaset CX610 MGH8604
2415 Gigaset 2031 Gigaset DE380 ip M9XO
2420 Gigaset 2060 Gigaset DX800A NS-3098
2430 Gigaset 2400 Gigaset E40 NS-3109
241W Gigaset 2402 Gigaset E45 OL-2400
242 Gigaset 2410 Gigaset E360 OL-2410
2420/C Gigaset 2415 Gigaset E365 OpenStage WL3
2420 Deskstation Gigaset 2420 Gigaset E370A P50
3000C Pocket Gigaset 2425 Gigaset E450 P51
3010 Pocket Gigaset 2430 Gigaset E455 P-60AAR
4000/B Gigaset 3000 Gigaset E630A PH021
4010/B Gigaset 3000C Pocket Gigaset G59X Pico
4012 Gigaset 3000 Micro Gigaset L410 S4
4015/B Gigaset 3010M Micro Gigaset M2 S35
4020 Gigaset 3010 Pocket Gigaset M2 EX S42
4105 Gigaset 3015 Gigaset M3 S55
4200 BL/SLVR Gigaset 3400 Gigaset M35 S100
4200 WH/SLVR Gigaset 4000 Gigaset Micro 4010 S450
4210/B/ BL/SLVR Gigaset 4010 Gigaset Micro 4015 S30122-X8008-X38
4215/B/ BL/SLVR Gigaset 4015 Gigaset N300 IP S30817-Z4022-A101
4215 WH/SLVR Gigaset 4200 Gigaset N300A IP S30852-D1640-X1
8800 Gigaset 4210 Gigaset PA330 S30852-D1751-X1
8825 Gigaset 4215 Gigaset PA530 S30852-D1752-X1
9907 Gigaset 8800 Gigaset PV830 SBC242/W
9908 Gigaset 8810 Gigaset S35 SC240
9910 Gigaset 8825 Gigaset S44 SC24020CCS
106483 Gigaset A1 Gigaset S45 SC240201CCS
A12 Gigaset A12 Gigaset S67H SC2410SYSF
A14 Gigaset A14 Gigaset S79H SC2410SYSG
A51 Gigaset A16 Gigaset S440 SC2410SYSW
A52 Gigaset A24 Gigaset S445 SC2415
A55 Gigaset A49H Gigaset S450 SC2415SYSG
A56 Gigaset A58H Gigaset S450 IP SC2415SYSW
A57 Gigaset A100 Gigaset S455 SC242
A60 Gigaset A110 Gigaset S675 ip SC242001CCS
A62 Gigaset A120 Gigaset 685 IP SI-240
A65 Gigaset A140 Gigaset S790 SI-242
A75 Gigaset A145 Gigaset S795 SIE-E45
A120 Gigaset A160 Gigaset S820 SIE-450
A385 Designer Gigaset A165 Gigaset S850A SIE-455
A540H Gigaset A200 Gigaset S2430 Sinus 11
AA Gigaset A240 Gigaset SL1 SL2 Professional
AAA Gigaset A245 Gigaset SL2 SL-30
Active M1 Gigaset A260 Gigaset SL3 SL75
AX-2400 Gigaset A265 Gigaset SL4 SL78H
B38015 Gigaset A400 Gigaset SL30 SL370
B3880 Gigaset A490 Gigaset SL37 SL375
B-7010 Gigaset A495 Gigaset SL55 SL400/A/H
BC101590 Gigaset A510 Gigaset SL56 SL565
BT-9000 Gigaset A510 IP Gigaset SL74 SL750
C30 Gigaset A580 IP Gigaset SL78H SL780
C35 Gigaset AL14H Gigaset SL79H SL785
C47H Gigaset AL28H Gigaset SL100 SL788
C55 Gigaset AL145 Gigaset SL150 SL-3501
C56 Gigaset AL280 Gigaset SL370 T266
C60 Gigaset AS14 Gigaset SL400/A/H T325
C61 Gigaset AS15H Gigaset SL450A T347
C70 Gigaset AS28H Gigaset SL550 Unify Openstage WL3
C71 Gigaset AS140 Gigaset SL555 V24581-Z2705-A1-2
C95H Gigaset AS150 Gigaset SL560 V30145-K132-3/VA
C475 Gigaset C1 Gigaset SL565 V30145-K1310-X50
C39153-Z7-C3 Gigaset C34 Gigaset SL610H V30145-K1310-X52
CS240/BAT Gigaset C47H Gigaset SL750/H V30145-K1310-X127
CS240/SYSB Gigaset C59H Gigaset SL780 V30145-K1310-X132
CS242 Gigaset C100 Gigaset SL785 V30145-K1310-X133
CT56 Gigaset C150 Gigaset SL788 V30145-K1310-X143
CUC325 Gigaset C340 Gigaset SL910/A/H V30145-K1310-X147
E455 Gigaset C345 Gigaset SL930/A V30145-K1310-X229
E190187 Gigaset C385 Gigaset SL3501 V30145-K1310-X250
EBA-510 Gigaset C430A Gigaset SX440 V30145-K1310-X289
G59X Gigaset C450 Gigaset SX445 V30145-K1310-X322
G95X Gigaset C455 Gigaset SX790 V30145-K1310-X359
Gigaset 100 Gigaset C470 Gigaset SX810 V30145-K1310-X382
Gigaset 140 Gigaset C475 Gigaset T11 V30145-K1310-X383
Gigaset 200 Gigaset C530A IP Gigaset X656 V30145-K1310-X398
Gigaset 795 Gigaset C570A Gigaset ZX600 V30145-K1310-X401
Gigaset 825 Gigaset C590 GP30AAAH3BMX V30145-K1310-X444
Gigaset 905 Gigaset C595 GS110 V30145-K1310-X445
Gigaset 910 Gigaset C610 L30250-F600-C230 V30145-K1310-X446
Gigaset 912 Gigaset C610A IP R L30250-F600-C325 V30145-K1310-X448
Gigaset 920 Gigaset C620A L36145-K1310-X250 V30145-K1310K-X444
Gigaset 951 Gigaset CE450 IP R L36880-N5401-A102 V30145-K1310K-X447
Gigaset 952 Gigaset CE460 IP R LR03 V30145-K1310K-X447-0-HY
Gigaset 1000 Gigaset CM800 M1 V30145-K1310-X471
Gigaset 1012 . . X656

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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