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Southwestern Bell Cordless Phone Batteries

SW Bell Cordless phone Batteries

242 FF-1550 FF-643/SH FF-905/A/G/SH GH-5811
368B FF-1555 FF-646B FF-906 GH-5812
980 FF-1650 FF-650 FF-907 GH-5822
1733 FF-1700 FF-650MARK2 FF-908 GH-5825
2-6730SL2-B FF-1710/B FF-655 FF-908A GH-5835
2-900SST FF-1712 FF-660 FF-908SH GH-5850
2-911SST FF-1719 FF-662 FF-908TE GH-9457
2-931/SSTB FF-1720 FF-664 FF-915/S/T GH-9475
2-9779B FF-1722 FF-665 FF-92 GH-9487
2-9931A FF-1724 FF-667 FF-920A GH-9488
2-9932A FF-1725 FF-668 FF-920/S GH-9762
31162 FF-1726 FF-670/B FF-925/B/S GP40AAK3BMX
3SN-AA60-S-X2 FF-1735 FF-671 FF-928 GP30AAK3BMX
3N600AAL FF-1740 FF-672 FF-930/S GP40AAAH3BMX
4205083 FF-1741 FF-674/FG/Y FF-940 GP55AAAH3BMX
508900 FF-1742 FF-675 FF-940MS  GP60AAAH3BMX
508900 FF-1750 FF-676 FF-950 GP60AAS3BMX
524198 FF-1751 FF-677/A FF-980 GP80AAALH3BML
55AAAH3BMX FF-1755 FF-680 FF-2100 GP-BT30AAK3BMX
60AAS3BZ FF-1760 FF-685 FF-2150 HACAT099
60AAAH3BMX FF-1762/B/F FF-688 FF-9915 HACAT0100
9538 FF-1765 FF-690 GH41 HAC-FF90
BAT1188 FF-1770 FF-692 GH41MS HAC-FF677A
BE900CHT FF-1775 FF-693 GH42 ID-450
BP-36MLX FF-200 FF-694/B GH58 ID-450AT
BP-36MLX400 FF-2000 FF-695 GH-2400/C/S JB40AA2/33N38MX
BP-36MLX600/NMH FF-2025 FF-700 GH-2405MS JB60AAANM3BMX
BP-36MLX600 FF-2100BL FF-701 GH-2410/C/S/MS Maestro 6300CW
BT0001 FF-2100TE FF-702 GH-2415 MR100
BT30AAK3BMX FF-2100WCSTE FF-705 GH-2515MS S60500
BYD-D2/3AA400X3 FF-2110 FF-712 GH-2420/C/S S60501
Cidco CL980 FF-2115BL FF-714 GH-2430/MS S60502
CL980 FF-2115MSHT FF-718 GH-2450MS S60503
CL991 FF-2125/ATF/BL FF-720 GH-3000 S60504
CM108-000-18-01 FF-2128AT FF0725 GH-3000AT S60505
CTP8210 FF-2128BL FF-727 GH-3010 S60506
CTP8212 FF-2115AT FF-728 GH-3012 S60507
CTP8225 FF-2150MS FF-740 GH-3028/NBAT S60508
CTP8310 FF-2400 FF-750 GH-3034 S60510
CTP8325 FF-250 FF-760 GH-3050H S60511
CTP9200 FF-2500 FF-770 GH-3050TF S60512
CTP9250 FF-2500H FF-777 GH-3052 S60513
D-2/3AA300X3 FF-300 FF-780 GH-3060 S60514
D-2/3AA400X3 FF-3000 FF-790 GH-3062 S60515
D45AA720BX3 FF-3050 FF-800 GH-3065 S60516
D-AA600BX3 FF-350 FF-802 GH-3080/DT/GK S60518
D-AA800BX3 FF-3500 FF-8066 GH-3100 S60519
DCX770 FF-400 FF-880 GH-3110 S60520
EX-1960 FF-4000 FF-888 GH-3128 S60521
EX-905-SWB FF-450 FF-890 GH-3150 S60522
FF-1000 FF-4500 FF-894 GH-3210 S60523
FF-1100 FF-500 FF-895 GH-3228 S60525
FF-1150 FF-5000 FF-896 GH-3228AT S60526
FF-1175 FF-550 FF-899 GH-4000 S60528
FF-1185 FF-555 FF-90A GH-4003 S60529
FF-1187/B/S FF-600 FF-90(XXX) GH-4010 S60530
FF-1188 FF-6000 FF-901/B GH-4050 SBC-368B
FF-150 FF-641 FF-905/G GH-4102 SST-900
FF-1500 FF-642/B FF-905A GH-4152 SST-910
. . . GH-5810 SST-960

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299 or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Southwestern Bell model listed.

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