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Tenergy TB6B Balancing Charger

Designed to balance charge NiMH/NiCd/Li-Ion/Li-Po/LiFe/SLA battery packs.
Able to balance charge a 15S cell NiMH/NiCd pack or a 6S cell Li-Ion/Li-Po/LiFe pack with a maximum current of 5A.
Able to store up to 10 different battery charging programs.
LCD display charging indicator.
Includes HiTech, JST, Tamiya, Mini Tamiya, Deans, bare leads, and EC3 charging connectors.
Includes power supply.

Balance charger

Model: TB-6B 01435
Maximum Charge Current: 5A
Maximum Discharge Current: 1A
Indicators: LCD
Compatible Chemistry: NiMH / NiCd / Li-Ion / Li-Po / LiFePO4 / SLA
Input Voltage: AC: 100V-240V DC: 11V-18V
Dimensions: 130mm x 85mm x 33mm (L x W x H)

Product Highlights

WIDE BATTERY TYPE COMPATIBILITY - Have one charger for all of your battery packs. Compatible with: NiMH, NiCd, Li-ion, LiFePO4, SLA.
CONVENIENT CHARGER PACKAGE - Comes with Octopus multi-charging harness (connectors: tamiya, mini tamiya, JST, HiTec, EC3, Deans) and the power supply all in one comprehensive package.
WIDE VOLTAGE RANGE - Compatible with many voltages for each battery type.
All-IN-ONE CHARGER - With data storage and load capabilities, store up to 5 different battery settings.
Cyclic charging and discharging to refresh and balance batteries. The charger has fast and storage charging with a Li-ion/LiPO balancer.
EASY-TO-READ LCD SCREEN - View all the charging statuses and settings on the LCD screens as you navigate the models and selections.

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