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Topcon Survey Equipment Batteries

2LS Cygnus Field Controller FC200 GTS-602
02-850901-01 GB-500 GTS-605
02-850901-02 GB-1000 GTS-700
101C GLS-1000 GTS-701
111C GM-50 GTS-702
20545 GM-52 GTS-703
51730 GM-55 GTS-710
60537 GM-101 GTS-711
60991 GM-102 GTS-712
61117 GM-103 GTS-713
24-030001-01 GM-105 GTS-720
24-030002-01 GMS-2 GTS-750
1000001-01 GP180AAH4X6Z GTS-751
1013591-01 GP BT-4 GTS-752
BC-27/BR/CR GP-SX1 GTS-753
BC-30D GPT-102R GTS-755
BDC52 GPT-1000S GTS-800
BDC58 GPT-1001 GTS-802A
BDC70 GPT-1002 GTS-810
BDC71 GPT-1003 GTS-820
BDC72 GPT-1004 GTS-825A
BT-1A GPT-2000 GTS-900/A
BT-4 GPT-3000 GTS-901
BT-15Q GPT-3000LW GTS-903A
BT-20Q GPT-3100W GTS-3102N
BT-24Q GPT-3200 GTS-7502
BT-24QW GPT-3500 GTS-9002
BT-30B Chgr GPT-6000 HiPer II
BT-30Q GPT-7000 Hiper GPS SR
BT-31Q GPT-7000i HiPer GPS
BT-31QB GPT-7500 HiPer-Pro
BT-32Q GPT-7501 HiPer V GNSS
BT-38Q GPT-7502 HiPer-XT
BT-47Q GPT-7503 IS-3 Series
BT-50Q GPT-7505 Javad
BT-52Q GPT-8000 Juniper Mesa Field
BT-52QA GPT-8003A L18650-4TOP
BT-53Q GPT-8005A Layout Navigator LN 100
BT-56Q GPT-8200 LN-100
BT-59Q na GPT-8203A LR8410
BT-61Q GPT-8203M LR8510
BT-62Q GPT-9000A LR8511
BT-65Q GPT-9003/A/M LS-B100
BT-66Q GR-3 LS-B110
BT-G1 GRS-245NW Odyssey
BT-L2 GT 502 OS Series
CGR-B/201LC GT 503 OS 101
CS-100 GT 505 OS 102
CTS-3000 GT 1001 OS 103
Cygnus KS-102 GT 1002 OS 105
DL-100 Series GT 1003 OS600G
DL-101C Series GTS-3B/3C OS602G
DL-102C Series GTS-4 OS605G
DM-S1 GTS-100N OS Total Station
DS 101AC GTS102N Plus GTS-700
DS 102AC GTS-105N PS 101A/C
DS 103AC GTS-200 PS 102A/C
DS 105AC GTS-203 PS 103A/C
EGP-0620-1 GTS-210 PS 105A/C
ES Series GTS-211 QS A Series
ES.CX Total Stations GTS-220 QS M Series
ES/OS Total Stations GTS-225 Ranger
ES 101 GTS-229 RC3
ES 102 GTS-230/w RC-5
ES 103 GTS-250 SHC250
ES 105 GTS-300 SHC2500
ES 107 GTS-3xx SR GPS
ES600G GTS-301 SX-1
ES602/G GTS-302 TBB 2
ES605/G GTS-303 Tesla
ES/OS Total Stations GTS-310 TOP1
FC-100 GTS-311 TOP240-030001-01
FC-120 GTS-312 Total Station 100
FC-200 GTS-313 Total Station 200
FC-236 GTS-330 Total Station 300
FC-336 GTS-332N Total Station 3000
FC-1000 GTS-336N Total Station GM-52
FC-2000 GTS-500 Total Station TBB 2
FC-2200 GTS-501 Total Station KS-102
FC-2500 GTS-502/E TP-L4B
FC-5000 GTS-510 TPS-700
Field Controller FC100 GTS-600 TPSWT41
. GTS-601 .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.
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