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Verizon Cell Phone & PDA Batteries


2032 Glimmer Samsung SCH-a670 VX2000
5800 GxOne Boulder Samsung SCH-a790 VX3200
A855 Kyocera K404 Samsung SCH-a795 VX3300
BL-49KH Kyocera K414 Samsung SCH-a850 VX4400
Blackberry 6750 Kyocera KX1V Samsung SCH-a890 VX4500
Blackberry 7130 Kyocera KX2 Samsung SCH-a930 VX4650
Blackberry 7250 Kyocera KX444 Samsung SCH-a950 VX4700
Blackberry 7750 LG-510 (Black) Samsung SCH-a970 VX5200
Blackberry 8830 LG-510 (Silver) Samsung SCH-a990 VX5300
Blitz LGTM510 Samsung SCH-n330 VX6100
BTR8B LGVS920BAT Samsung SCH-U310 VX6175
BTR-9500 Mogul XV6800 Samsung SCH-U410 nc VX7000
CDM-8615 Moto Z6C Samsung SCH-U740 VX8000
CDM-8630 Nokia 2128i Scoop VX8100
CDM-8905 Nokia 6015i SMT-5800 VX8300
CDM-8940 Nokia 6236i Spectrum VX8350
CDM-8945 PBR-8999 Spectrum 4G VX8700
CDM-8960 PN-215 T300p VX9100
CDM-8950 PN-230 Thera 2032 VX9400
CDM-8975 nc PN-820 Touch Diamond VX9800
CDM-8999 PPC-6800 Treo 600 VX9900
CDM-9000 Q9c Treo 650 VZW CDM180
CDM-9500 RAZR Treo 700W VZW CDM8910
CDM-9900 RAZR2 V9M TX8010 VZW CDM8940
CDM-9950 Samsung Alias SCH-U740 V60P W385
CDMA2000 Samsung Flipshot V60S W755
Chocolate 3 Samsung Glyde V65P Wireless Coupe
Chocolate VX8350 Samsung Hue V111 WP8990VW
Cricket Samsung i600 V265 XV-5800
Crux Samsung i700 V276 XV6600
Dare Samsung i730 V325 XV6700
Decoy Samsung Jitterbug Dial V710 XV6800
e615 Samsung Juke Venus XV-6900
e815 Samsung SCH-a630 Voyager Z6C
enV2 Samsung SCH-a650 VS920 .
Escapade Samsung SCH-a650pp VX1000 .

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.

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