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Batteries for Yaesu Vertex 2 Way Radios

203R FNB-133Li FT-404R VX-170
209R FNB-134Li FT411 VX-177
703R FNB-138Li FT411 MKII VX180
709R FNB-V12 FT415 VX200
727R FNB-V29 FT416 VX210/A
AAJ67X001 FNB-V41 FT470 VX-228
AAJ68X001 FNB-V44 FT-530 VX230
BC250D FNB-V47/H FT-703 VX231/E
CNB-290 FNB-V47Li FT705 VX231L
CNB-291 FNB-V49 FT-708/A/R VX234
EVX-231 FNB-V52Li FT-709/r VX246
EVX-261 FNB-V57/H FT-727R VX260
EVX 530 FNB-V62 FT811 VX-261
EVX-531 FNB-V62LI FT815 VX-264
EVX-534 FNB-V64 FT816 VX300
EVX-539 FNB-V67Li FT817 VX-310
EVX-C31 FNB-V68Li FT897 na VX350/Series
EVX-Z69 FNB-V83 FT2003 VX351-G7-5
FNB-1 FNBV87 FT2008 VX354
FNB-2/M FNB-V87Li FT2005 VX400
FNB-3 FNB-V92Li FT2010 VX410
FNB-4 FNB-V94 FT4073 VX414
FNB-10 FNB-V95Li FT4703 VX417
FNB-11 FNB-V96Li FTC703A VX420
FNB-12 FNBV102Li FTC708A VX424
FNB-12S FNB-V103LI FTC1123 VX427
FNB-14 FNB-V104LI FTC1143 RC VX450
FNB-16 FNB-V106 FTC2203 VX451
FNB-17/H FNB-V112LI FTC2205 VX454
FNB-19 FNB-V113LI FTC5203 VX456
FNB-21 FNB-V126Li FTC7005 VX459
FNB-21S FNB-V127Li FTH2005 VX500
FNB-25 FNB-V128Li FTH2008 VX510
FNB-26 FNB-V129Li FTH2009 VX520/U/UD
FNB-27/H FNB-V130Li FTH2010 VX530
FNB-29/H FNB-V131Li FTH2070 VX600
FNB-31 FNB-V132Li FTH7005 VX800
FNB-33 FNB-V133Li FTH7008 VX820
FNB-35 FNB-V134Li FTH7009 VX821
FNB-38/H FNB-143Li FTH7010 VX824
FNB-40 FNB-V138Li HS 582T VX829
FNB-41 FNB-Z165LI HX21JG VX844
FNB-42 FNB-Z181Li HX100 VX900
FNB-43 FNHB-25 HX150 VX920/Series
FNB-45/H FT1DR nya P4W VX921
FNB-47 FT10/R PMNN4065 VX924
FNB-49H FT11 SBR-24L VX929
FNB-53/H FT14R VR-120 VX971
FNB-55/H FT23 VR-160 VX974
FNB-56 FT23R VX-1 VX979
FNB-57/H FT26 VX-2/E/R VX1400
FNB-58LI FT33/R VX-3/E VXA-100
FNB-62Li FT40/R VX-3R VXA-120
FNB-64/H FT41 VX-5 VXA-150
FNB-67Li FT41R VX-5E VXA-170
FNB-68Li FT47 VX-5R VXA-200
FNB-69Li FT50/R VX-5RX VXA-210
FNB-72 FT51 VX-6 VXA-220
FNB-76 FT51R VX-6E VXA-300
FNB-78 na FT-60/R VX-6R VXA-301
FNB-79 FT-70D VX-7E VXA-410
FNB80Li FT73 VX-7R VXA-420
FNB-83 FT73R VX-8DR nya VXA-710
FNB-85 FT76 VX-8GR nya VX-D281
FNB-86Li FT-103R VX-8R nya VX-D288
FNB-87Li FT-109RH VX10 VXD720
FNB-92Li FT-202R VX-110 VXV1
FNB-95Li FT-203R VX-120 VXV2
FNB-96 FT-207R VX-127 VXV10
FNB-101Li nya FT-208R VX130 VXV20
FNB102Li nya FT-209HR VX131 VZ-10
FNB104Li FT-209R VX132 VZ-18
FNB-113Li FT-250 VX146 VZ-30
FNB-117Li FT-270 VX150 VZ-30-G6-4
FNB-124Li FT277R VX160 VZ-30-D0-5

The above batteries will have different model numbers on the product pages since they are after market replacement batteries which are as good or better than the originals.  The current or mAh (milliamp hour) rating of a battery is an indication of the battery capacity or how long it will last on a charge, the higher the better.
Call toll-free 1-888-966-2299or e-mail sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your Yaesu Vertex model listed.