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DEC Digital Equipment Laptop Batteries

DEC Digital

 Digital Passport P7X
 Digital Passport P8X
 HiNote 433
 HiNote CS433
 HiNote CS450
 HiNote CS475
 HiNote CT450
 HiNote CT475
 HiNote Ultra
 HiNote Ultra 2000
 HiNote Ultra 433X
 HiNote Ultra 450DX/2
 HiNote Ultra CS450
 HiNote Ultra CS475
 HiNote Ultra CT450
 HiNote Ultra CT455
 HiNote Ultra CT475
 HiNote Ultra II
 HiNote VP 500
 HiNote VP 510
 HiNote VP 520
 HiNote VP 525
 HiNote VP 535
 HiNote VP 545
 HiNote VP 550
 HiNote VP 562
 HiNote VP 565
 HiNote VP 567
 HiNote VP 575
 HiNote VP 700
 HiNote VP 715

 HiNote VP 717
 HiNote VP 725
 HiNote VP 735
 HiNote VP 745
 HiNote VP 745CT
 HiNote VP 765
 HiNote VP 5120
 HiNote VP CSF5100
 HiNote VP CSF575
 HiNote VP CTS5100
 HiNote VP LFS5120
 HiNote VP LSF5100
 HiNote VP LSS5120
 HiNote VP TS31D
 Model HPCP-12
 PC 325P
 PC 325SL
 PC 325SL/C
 PC 425SL
 PC 425SL/C
 PC 433SL/C
 PC250SE Color

Send an e-mail to sales@batterycanada.com if you don't see your DEC Digital Equipment laptop listed with the manufacturer, model number and battery model.

(One year warranty on all computer batteries which are new and not refurbished or surplus)